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Best SEO Strategies for 2017

Google has always been tweaking its algorithms on a regular basis in an effort to filter out high quality websites from other sites that try to spam their way to reach the top position. And the year 2016 was no different. There have been considerable changes in the way in which websites are ranked by Google during the previous year, so the SEO strategies have also changed significantly. If you are looking forward to hire professional SEO services in Montreal, SEO Company that is highly competitive and stays updated about the latest advancements in the field would be a good choice to consider. Read on to find out what the best 3 SEO strategies for 2017 are!

Mobile Optimization is Mandatory

With the release of Hummingbird update from Google, it is not easy for websites to rank well without a proper mobile strategy. This includes a mobile content strategy as well as a responsive design. Practically, it is good to invest in this from your business perspective. Today, a majority of the people own smartphones and tablets through which they access internet and websites. So, responsive design makes sure that your website appears good across all kinds of mobile devices. A proper mobile content strategy can help target your content to the needs and context of mobile users.

Social Media Plays a Crucial Role

In 2017 again, social media has a very important role, especially Google Plus. Google depends on human signals in shares form and recommends social media to assist vet sites. If you have not already implemented a strategy that enables people share your content easily and established a strong presence in the field of social media marketing, now is the right time to do it before getting too late. Social media is now intersecting with SEO to assist in deciding search engine rankings.

Know the Three Pillars of Efficient SEO

A highly effective SEO strategy comprises of three main parts: content, links and social media. The relation between these three components is what has turned out to be more distinct during the last year. The content should very much focus on the needs of your audience and perfected to drive particular actions that can generate profits. Links from good quality websites also fortify that you are a trustworthy, solid website. A good cycle is beginning to evolve that all starts with writing high quality, engaging content.

The above strategies should be a vital part of your SEO strategies for 2017 in order to be successful. As we change the calendar from 2016 to 2017, experts in the field of SEO are confident that the industry is far from dead. Rather, it is undergoing the transformation and evolving to emphasize more on authenticity and relevancy. As Google persists to revise its algorithms, the significance of high quality content, mobile strategies and social media only develops. If marketers go on with their focus on users, their content and products, they can remain evergreen in the game and enjoy high rankings.